Friday, May 23, 2008

South Philly Beach

I finally recorded a mix. For a while now I've had at least three unfinished ones sitting in limbo, but none of them could ever hold my interest long enough for me to buckle down and just be done with them. I think the problem was that I was too concerned with trying to do everything, to turn out some kind of monster mix that summed up in 45 minutes or so exactly what I was all about as a DJ, from start to finish. Maybe that's still possible, but last Saturday afternoon I let go of the compulsiveness and cranked this out in one Brooklyn Lager-fueled take. One or two transitions I'm not entirely proud of, but as a whole I'm satisfied enough to put my name on it.

The bulk of the sequencing was taken from a set I played during my guest spot at Bang Bang last month, but since there wasn't really anyone there (j/k Dominic and Andrew, love you guys!) I figured it would still be fresh enough to transform into a mix. As for the name, it's a not-too-clever play on South Philly (my soon-to-be home) and South Beach, in honor of my inspiring experience at the Winter Music Conference this March.

In any event, here it is. Enjoy!

Dave Tat - South Philly Beach

Big thanks to Peter Dragontail for doing the amazing cover art you see above. If you want to get your hands on a limited edition physical copy of this baby, come check out Restless Leg Syndrome tonight at the M-Room, where Ryan Nation, The Outlander and I will all be giving away our respective mixes.

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