Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Horizon Plate #1

Between the excellent cover art and the confident "buy this record" on the label, I knew the 12" was worth my dollar before I even listened to it (yes, this one actually cost a buck!). This diligently assembled mix from the early 80's reassures my belief that I am a disco fan. There is no question that I love the music, but can I truly say that I love the genre when revisionism plays a large role in my tastes? Thanks to this mix, the answer is in fact yes. Prior to hearing "The Horizon Plate," I always questioned my relationship with music that I am constantly butchering in Ableton. I mean, I often prefer recent edits over originals and classic disco djs played plenty of cringe worthy tracks to me. Fortunately, William Eager selected and mixed a batch of tracks in the early 80's with the same spirit I have in 2008. This is a missing link between disco fans like me and the disco era. I don't have a complete list of the source material, but there is a start below. Please comment if you can identify any of the other tracks.

Incomplete tracklist:
ESG - UFO sample
Sharon Brown - I Specialize In Love
Sky - Let's Celebrate
NYC Peech boys - Don't Make Me Wait
Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You
Ian Dury - Trust Is A Must
Was Not Was - Tell Me That I'm Dreaming
Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood

William Eager - The Horizon Plate #1 | Zshare | 320 kbps


Cropsy said...

dude thank you

Ryan Dumas said...

Good score...thanks

Unknown said...

NYC Peech boys - dont make me wait

is in there

Shawn Ryan said...

Thanks man! I'll add it.

Technics said...

gino soccio - try it out
t connection - at midnight (disco version)

Anonymous said...

i need to tell you this is my best gift thanks

DJ Yankee said...

please can you re-up this bootleg,thx a lot!