Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Azul y Negro - La Noche (Pitched Down)

Another Robotique favorite!

This tune has the uncanny ability to consistently pack dance floors, despite being relatively unknown by most casual partygoers. Maybe it's the brilliantly brainless message contained within the chorus, but something about its dated brassy synth patches, reverberated electronic snare and janky arpeggios resonates someplace within the collective unconscious of our generations' dance freaks. It's like a switch goes off telling the brian, "This sounds like it's from the '80s! Even if you don't know it, you know MOVE!"

Again, much like Change - The End, this tune grooves way deeper and harder when pitched down from its original, blistering 135 Bpm.

So let's spend the night together, let's work the night together.
Let's go night clubbing right now, now, now now...

Azul y Negro - La Noche (Pitched Down)
MediaFire | YSI | 320 kbps


Ryan Dumas said...

Great track, thanks for posting!

Billy said...

135 BPM should be... illegal.