Monday, September 14, 2009

Alex Koplin (Moodgadget) on Nighttime World radio tonight

Don't miss tonight's episode of Nighttime World, featuring Alex Koplin from the Moodgadget label!

Moodgadget was founded in 2004 by Jakub Marek Alexander and Adam E. Hunt with the goal of exposing the diversity in electronically made music. Alexander and Hunt (who currently reside in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, respectively) became heavily involved in the electronic music scene through their work with the acclaimed Ghostly International label, and were frustrated by the public's misconception that all electronic music was "club" music. They wanted to draw attention to the fact that electronic music is a process, not a genre; within its broad walls lives a plethora of sounds – everything from catchy folk to melodic techno.

Alex will be showcasing the music of Moodgadget (and some of his other favorites) tonight on Nighttime World, beginning at 10 p.m. EST on Party 934!

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