Thursday, November 12, 2009

Robots In Heat

San Francisco's Robots In Heat just blessed the world with a new mix of deep & funky prog, folk and cosmic jams. As I write this I'm on my third listen and I can only identify "that one thing DJ Shadow sampled that one time". Feel free to leave comments if you can come any closer with track IDs - I'd love to know what half of this stuff is. The sequencing of this mix is top notch too. RIH clearly worked hard to string these grooves together into a cohesive package, complete with smooth, seamless transitions. This ranks with Henrik Schwarz, Âme & Dixon's The Grandfather Paradox as one of the best mixes I've heard this year. Anyone who had RVNG's Purple Brain mix in heavy rotation needs to give this a listen.

Obscured By Crowds comes our way courtesy of Noncollective, who are curating a collection of quality mixes. Be sure to head over to their site for more.

And for those of you not familiar with Robots In Heat's site, he's been ripping and posting mysterious jams for the past couple years. Definitely check it out for a daily dose of WTF?

Robots In Heat - Obscured By Crowds | Direct Link | 60 minutes


With a little nudge from the Robot himself, look what I Googled...

01 Jade Warrior - A Winter's Tale
02 Stomu Yamashta - Tempest Fantasia
03 Shawn Phillips - Prelude To Leaving
04 Shawn Phillips - All Our Love
05 Bo Hansson - Trial And Adversity
06 Steve Hillage - Four Ever Rainbow
07 Lee Michaels - (Drum Solo)
08 Wasa Express - Son Of A Peach
09 Riot - Just Beyond
10 Roy Buchanan - You're Not Alone
11 John Lucien - Would You Believe In Me
12 Reverberi - Cat Casanova
13 Harumi - Twice Told Tales of the Pomegranate Forest
14 Masami Tsuchiya - Haina-Haila
15 David Van Tieghem - Remote Viewing
16 Orson Welles - The Late Great Planet Earth
17 Kim Fowley - 1988: Searching For A Human In The Tight Blue Jeans
18 Dissidenten - Grand Babylon Hotel
19 Rhythm & Noise - Monomenon
20 Cheb Khaled - La Camel
21 Tangerine Dream - Rare Bird
22 Bermuda Triangle - Nights In White Satin
23 Jade Warrior - Borne on the the Solar Wind


PleasureCruise said...

really looking forward to a listen!

DannyP said...

Thanks for the intro to that site, some really nice mixes on there!

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