Thursday, April 22, 2010

Farewell Soi Cowboy Na!

One week left in the city of sin, so I thought I'd share some kinky Thai Pop A-Go-Go. For a more extensive look at these genres, check out Peter Doolan's definitive As for me, next stop: Phnom Penh. Hope to score some 60s Psych-Rock vinyl if the Khmer Rogue didn't burn it all.

Chailai Chaiyata & Sawanee Patana - ควรตายด้วยลูกปืน
(You Should Die By Bullets)
| Mediafire | 320 kbps

Onuma Singsiri - แม่ค้าส้มตำ (Som Tam Merchant)
Mediafire | 320 kbps


DARKLORD said...

As dope as it gets, thanks!

Thurston Howell III said...

Check out the museum in Phnom Penh, excellent collection.

Go to "Happy Herbs Pizza".

Ask for them to make your pizza "happy".

Eat pizza.

Wait an hour or so.....


Jo/No said...

Good luck with your hunting!
I was there last winter and tried to score as well but unfortunately with little success. I did get hold of some 40 bootleg cdr's with vintage stuff though but haven't yet sorted them all out to find the goodies. Most of them were a bit cheezy and many had synthetic rhythms laid on top of the original songs.

MonRakPlengThai are great. I've acctually re-uploaded a funky beauty I found there a while ago on my blog. Check it out:

Shawn Ryan said...


Shawn Ryan said...

Also, nice one Jo/No