Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No Bonzer Left Behind!

Wassup Jammers? I'm back in Philly after 3 weeks in South America. Rest assured, I scored some quality vinyl along the way & I'll be sharing it with you soon. For now, here's a quick mix of what I picked up...

Buenos Aires & Montevideo Jams by Shawn Ryan

Buenos Aires & Montevideo Jams | Mediafire | 43 minutes of vinyl glory

01. 400 Peso Transfer
02. Sweet Music
03. Kurt Lives!
04. Seleção De Jessie
05. B-Project
06. Chica Rica
07. Gino’s Gumbo
08. That City
09. Italian Progressive
10. Todd’s Thema
11. Eres El Rayo De Sol De Mi Vida

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