Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skinny Joey

Skinny Joey (aka Rubber Room aka Tonic) is giving away all of his previously vinyl only Mindless Boogie edits. I'm only going to post my favorites, but the entire catalog is available on the cloud of sounds. First up, this 70s rock chugger:

Can anyone identify the original version of this one?

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James Glanville said...

thanks very much for putting me on to these... some very good stuff there

especially like this rework of a track by noir desir... unfortunately i missed the dl

MINDLESS 15 - A1 - Rubber Room - DARK DESIRE (Rerub)

In their comments the artist does say 'go and multiply', so I wondered if anyone did have the track, they might pass it on... really like to play this weekend..

if you havent heard it have a listen...

cheers and thanks for this great blog