Saturday, February 23, 2013

Witch Queen

Witch Queen was a studio project from the legendary Gino Soccio. The A side of this 12" is a cover of T-Rex's panty dropper "Bang A Gong," and the B side, "Witch Queen," is also credited to Marc Bolan. I can't find a T-Rex version of "Witch Queen," so it looks like he wrote it for Soccio's project before his untimely passing. The end result was a truly unique fusion of Italo Disco & Glam Rock.  

Witch Queen - Witch Queen
MediafireYSI • 1978

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Anonymous said...

Nice track, but y'know the best Witch Queen cut is their cover of Free's "All Right Now."

DTC said...

It's a cover of Redbone's The Witch Queen Of New Orleans!