Friday, March 15, 2013

First Choice

So after listening to Del drop like nine zillion sampled-to-death Philly studio a capellas at the CaveCast live podcast, Shawn Ryan and I got to emailing our favorite flips of First Choice's "Let No Man Put Asunder" back and forth.  This isn't the canon of First Choice flips, just our favorites.

To start, here's the seminal Shep Pettibone version at the root of this "tree" so to speak -

Keeping it close to Philly, Shawn brought up this jam by Vaggio (yeah, Vaggio, I know) on Josh Wink's Ovum

This Ja Ru version is something I came across on Juno the other day - really top shelf mellow ambiance.

Of course, there's the amazing Butch flip which keeps a lot of the vogue energy of the Shep Pettibone and Frankie Knuckles mixes.

Speaking of 80s vogue, there's this Nicholas track, which basically flips half of Larry Levan's playlist at once - from MFSB to the the house preacher.


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