Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Young Robots Presents Philadelphia Maneto

Philadelphia Maneto, a 13-song, 11 artist compilation I have curated for Young Robots, is out today. This compilation has the best that Philly and Jersey have to offer - we have post-punk, nu disco, indie pop, deep house. Shawn Ryan is on there. DJ Bruce is on there. Billy W is on there. Pink Skull is on there. Hell, even Todd Edwards is on there, repping Jersey to the fullest.

This record has been in the works for the better part of a year, and it's really the fruit of a lot of creativity and hard work by a lot of good people. If you wanna read more about how it came together, and the philosophy behind the record, I did a long Q&A with the Philadelphia Weekly about it for this week's issue.

The compilation is available for free, but it's also available for sale. If you like a tune (or the whole record), I'd encourage you to buy a copy at any major digital sales outlet (iTunes, Amazon, Beatport or Juno) and support independent musicians and labels.

I want to thank Philly's WXPN FM for co-sponsoring the record and previewing a lot of the material on their site and over their broad airwaves, which reach from Baltimore to the NYC area.

Many thanks as well to Travis from Downtown Club, Paul Zyla and Peter Dragontail for lots of behind the scenes work.

Nicos Gun, Pink Skull and I will be playing an outdoor release party on the Race Street Pier in Philly this Thursday at 6PM. Philly.com did a nice little preview of it.  After the show we will be partying at Johnny Brenda's with Shawn Ryan at Universal Cave!
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