Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cultura Racional

Need a late pass for Tee Cardaci's blissed out Tim Maia dub. Tee also fills us in on the backstory of the recording:
Cultura Racional (Rational Culture) appeared on brazilian legend Tim Maia's extremely rare album, Tim Maia Racional Vol. 1. The story goes that he and his band were holed up ina house in Rio de Janeiro, supposedly working on their next studio album for his label but, in reality, were spending more time ingesting large quantities of mind altering substances. One evening, while under the influence, Tim got ahold of the book, "Universe in Disenchantment", which led the singer to convert overnight to this 'cult of energy'. He then insisted his band do the same and began reworking the album to preach the message of 'rational culture' described in the book and including cover art diagraming paths of energy. His record label was unimpressed, viewing the new album as unmarketable. Angered, Tim severed ties with his label and created his own label, Seroma, to release the project. A short time after (perhaps after the drugs had worn off), Tim became disenchanted with the cult and embarrassed at his album created to glorify the cult. All remaining copies of the LP were pulled and destroyed, making this album the rarity it is and cementing it's spot in counterculture history. It is now recognized for being the funky masterpiece that it is, with Rolling Stone magazine putting it at number 17 in the top 100 brazilian albums of all time (if you can find it!).
This edit let's the stoney groove roll along, while dubbing out Tim's repeated vocal mantra, 'We are gonna rule the world, don't you know, don't you know. Gonna put it together', while removing Tim's more heavy handed preaching.

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