Thursday, July 30, 2015

Heart Divine

Lustre is producer Jeffrey Levi Fry (of Superprince & Peter Dragontail) and vocalist Leah Kauffman. Heart Divine, their debut EP, was inspired by the iconic Divine Lorriane Hotel in Philadelphia. It is a soundtrack to the The Najeeb Sheikh x Lapstone & Hammer Divine Lorraine Hotel Collection, which will be available on Friday from Lapstone & Hammer. According to Lustre,

"The Divine Lorraine Hotel is a symbol of peace, ambition, freedom, ruination and waste. She’s the ghost of North Broad Street; her glory long gone but not forgotten.
While writing “Heart Divine”, we tried to imagine ourselves as guests of the charismatic Father Divine in the Divine Lorraine Hotel, returning years later only to find the building boarded up and abandoned, memories emblazoned in our dreams."

Listen to a few songs from Heart Divine or stream the entire EP below. Be sure to follow Lustre on Soundcloud for more surreal R&B sounds.

Listen to the entire Heart Divine EP:

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