Monday, April 24, 2017

Bruce Is My Sanctuary

A warm, funky, weird, international acid trip for your ears.

This mix was inspired by a couple things – the first was that I spend a lot of time in dance music centered environments. The untz untz, while I love it, can get a little overwhelming for me after hours or while traveling. So, for a lot of the mixes I've done lately, I have taken a more hi-fi home listening / headphone experience approach so that you can wiggle around in your underwear while you clean your house, decompress post-gig, or have a trusty audio travel companion.

The second source of inspiration was looking back at a collection of mixes I recorded at a summer residency I had two years ago at a fancy, highbrow rooftop pool. The only reason I like gigs like that is because you're strictly there to set a vibe, and not pressured by a dance floor... and the view is nice, of course. I revisit those recordings often – they consist of a lot of dub, African, Latin and Brazilian funk and disco – you know, balearic stuff. Fit for a hot afternoon by any body of water.

This mix was recorded to cassette tape and then digitize, this is the result!


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