Thursday, September 19, 2019

Digital Deadstock 006

This month's Digital Deadstock brings back some fond memories. I remember listening to Selvagem's first Beats in Space mix with Brian Cassidy back in 2013 on a drive to Double Decker. Our minds were totally blown by their Brazilian boogie and disco selections - I don't think either of us had heard anything like it before. Since then, we have been fortunate to bring Selvagem to Medusa Lounge and to put out a 45 of their edits. We also managed to learn a little bit more about that era of MPB, in great part thanks to their mixes, Millos care packages (!!!), the hard work of a few top shelf reissue labels, and even some lucky digs in the wild. Anyway, enough about us. Here's a simple extended DJ edit of Ricardo Gra├ža Mello's "Tempo Quente" to keep your summer vibe going as we enter the fall here in Philadelphia.

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