Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Beatmaxing pretty little skulls and hips

Peter Dragontail has been beatmaxing pretty little skulls and hips on Philadelphian dance floors all of his life. However, up until recently he has been unable to use a computer, due to unfortunate limitations imposed by standard keyboard sizes and his talons. But we all know that technology is moving very fast (some would say too fast) and thanks to remarkable advances in the field of Dragon Sized Keyboard Studies, Mr. Dragontail has finally been to sit down behind a computer and breathe out some tracks that were stuck in his head.

Here we have two examples of typical Dragontail production, free to you and anyone else who wants them.

The Daft Punk - Human After All remix is totally an OhHellYesItaloHouse banger. OhHellYessItaloHouse? Yes! Let me explain: the first part of the song is flavor drenched with disco, the second part is total 2007 electro house. All of it is so orgasmic that dance floor patrons cannot help but to scream out "Oh Hell Yes" as they are dancing to it.

Daft Punk - Human After All (Peter Dragontail Remix)

The Klaxons Mania! is a delightful electrocandy playland romp. Surprising, yet natural, its a totally Dragontail take on what has become an electro - house standard.

Peter Dragontail - The Klaxons Mania!!!

- Jeff Fry on behalf of Peter Dragontail