Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh My My My

(solar winds pic borrowed from APOD)

Assorted Wu-Tang Memories:
I got $500 in Blockbuster Music gift certificates for my Bar Mitzvah (not at once, like everybody I knew gave me $20 to Blockbuster) and because I craved my older brother's approval, I copped him Enter the 36 Chambers. I remember having no fucking idea what to make of rap about Kung Fu and skits about torture, which was ironic, given that generally my whole steez at that point in my life revolved around playing Mortal Kombat.

I remember my brother telling me one of his friends was writing up his will because he was going to see Wu-Tang in 1995. He was only half kidding. There were gonna be metal detectors at the show! So nobody could bring in guns!

I remember changing Cappadonna's verse on "Winter Warz" to "I'm too ill/I represent Squirrel Hill" even though I lived in Point Breeze.

I remember playing the shitty Wu-Tang fighting game for PlayStation 2 while drinking a lot of Southern Comfort freshman year, while arguing with my best friend's roommate about U-God.

I remember reviewing Masta Killer outrhyming Afu-Ra on his own shit and writing about it.

I remember hearing about how [redacted] smoked dust with the Rza, which was far and away the best thing that had happened in his life thus far.


This is a track called "The Sun" and it's an outtake from Ghostface's somewhat overrated Bulletproof Wallets. Ghost, Rae, Rza and Slick fuckin Rick appreciate the gigantic nuclear furnace that powers our global steelo, word to They Might Be Giants. It makes me very happy in a way the somnambulant new Wu album does not.

Ghostface f/ Raekwon, Rza and Slick Rick - The Sun