Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Mix!

Plenty of percussion and atmospherics to maximize your space out potential...

1. Roedelius - Regenmacher
2. Lexx - Sirocco
3. Sylvester - I Need Somebody to Love Tonight
4. Alan Parsons Project - The Voice (Instrumental)
5. Peter Visti - Dolly
6. Fred Cherry - Bus Ride to the Zoo
7. Shock - Shock Talk (U-Tern Disco Mix)
8. Chas Jankel - Glad to Know You
9. Konk - Your Life (What U Want)
10. Impi - Impi (Dub)
11. Urban Blight - Urban Nite Dub
12. The Quick - Zulu (Instrumental)
13. Nicky Siano - Move (Splash)
14. Tom Tom Club - Lorelei (Instrumental Long Version)

Shawn Ryan - Please Don't Take My Man
(Divshare because ZShare is acting a fool!)

Shawn Ryan - Please Don't Take My Man (ZShare)


Anonymous said...

how'd you know i need somebody to love?!

Shawn Ryan said...

because I care about my disco boys

Mr.Devlin said...

where did you get that instrumental of ALAN PARSONS?

i did this edit... id like the one you got though.

Alan Smithy said...

nice mix, great call on the Fred Cherry track, check us soon for moree from this great label. Cheers, M.

Anonymous said...

shock - shock talk u-tern disco mix
can u send this song to me?