Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not there

Hey there Dollar Bin Jammers. Skinny and I are out on the road, but there is most certainly Dollar Bin Jam excitement to be had. We played Providence, DC, Bloomington and Chicago (twice!) already, and now we're in St. Louis, and although we haven't been able to rip anything, I've gotta put in a plug for Vintage Vinyl and the St. Louis Record Exchange. Both are just awesome spots.

I got the Shock LP, we found all 3 Changes EPs- for a dollar a piece. WHOA. I bought some Lil Boosie 12 and the elusive Hott City LP too. Great shit.

We've got shows the next week in Columbus, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Baltimore. If there are any readers out there, come holler and nerd out with us! More details at Philadelphyinz.com.

As if you needed more, Skinny and I just finished a "Mixin It Up" for Discobelle.net, full of the obscurities we drop here on a semi-regular basis. Check it out here.

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