Sunday, August 31, 2008

Flames in a Cave - Exclusive New Mix!


Here is what I would call the essential mix to represent my strangely eclectic taste, "Flames in a Cave". The mix's introduction I feel describes my approach to making it. Make sure you have your map and torch before entering, let me know if you actually make it to the end!

Stainless Steele - Flames In a Cave - ZShare

Here is the Track listing. Yeah, it's weird...

01) Intro - Unsound Methods
02) Electric Hair - Three-Five-Zero-Zero
03) Sir Menelik feat Kool Keith - Space Cadillac (Mixed with Inserts "out of the Box")
04) Cappadonna & Drastic Measures - Taking Drastic Measures
05) Onyx - Last Dayz (Instrumental)
06) Gunter Hampel w/ Jeanne Lee and Toni Marcus - Waltz for 3 Universes in a Corridor
07) Henk Badings - Evolutions: Ballet Suite
08) Rza as Bobby Digital feat Holocaust, Dr. Doom and Ghostface - Holocaust (Silk Worm)
09) 50 Foot Hose - If Not This Time
10) The United States of America - Coming Down
11) Leonard Feather and Oliver Nelson - Circe Revisited
12) Non Phixion - This is Not an Exercise
13) Harry Partch - The Rose
14) Quasimoto - Come On Feet
15) Black Moon - Reality (Killing Every...)
Part II.
16) Electric Hair - Aquarius
17) Royal Fam & La The Darkman - Walk the Dogs (from the Ghost Dog Soundtrack)
18) Hal Blaine - Trippin' Out
19) Yussef Lateef - 1984
20) Muun Music Universe (Peace Church Sessions Vol.1) - Silence in Sound (Part 2: Music Is)
21) Sir Menelik - Nightwork
22) Jon Hassell and Brian Eno - Chemistry
23) Mix Master Mike - Well Wicked


Shawn Ryan said...

where's the tracklist?

Stainless Insaness said...

I will post it after I get back from my Grandma's!

Andy Musser said...

Sweet mix...very sweet

Shawn Ryan said...

Wait a second - I thought there was supposed to be light at the end of the tunnel. It's very dark in here and strange feelings are coming over me. I don't think I can really talk to anybody right now...

Cropsy said...

son son