Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exclusive Fucci & Brian Blackout Mix!

This Fucking Rules!!! Check out Brian and Fucci Saturday Sept. 6 at Hurrah.

Fucci & Brian Blackout - Excess Energy Frenetic Mixtape | ZShare

01) Especially for You - Positive Force
02) Love It Up Tonight - Peaches & Herb
03) Dancer - Gino Soccio
04) Boogie's Gonna Get You - Raphael Cameron
05) Wear It Out - Starguard
06) Ooh La La - Suzi Lane
07) Do It in the Dark - Roy Ayers
08) That's the Way Acid Is (Eugene Tambourine edit) - Ten City
09) Love's a Mean World - Four on the Floor Productions
10) Don't Stop - K.I.D.
11) Girlhype - Melee Beats
12) Intro - Alan Braxe and Fred Falke
13) I Love You Dancer - Voyage
14) Go Fifi - Theatre of Disco

Interview with Fucci and Brian Blackout by Chris Rogy:

Fucci and Brian Blackout are Excess Energy, a DJ duo and a party machine: currently holding down a second Saturday residence at Williamsburg's Macri Park. These scientists of sound throw down a frenetic eclectic blend of leftfield dance selections- with hefty chunks of classic house and funky disco, plus random jams and oddball favorites just to keep things interesting.

I know Brian's originally from West Virginia. How did the two of you meet?

F: I'm a native New Yorker (ahem) and I was doing residences at a few underground queer clubs when I met seasoned "phDJ" and edits extraordinaire Eugene Tambourine. When Brian had the happy accident of becoming downstairs neighbors with him Eugene introduced us, because "you're about the same age in DJ years" (we just turned five!). I invited Brian to guest at my Love Muscle party at Happy Ending, and we discovered our own unique 'Excess Energy': similar tastes and approaches to stylistic programming.

You both recorded a live show with East Village Radio. Can you tell us a little bit about the experience? Are there plans for a regular slot in the works?

F: We both had a great time on East Village Radio! I had guested on Bruce Tantum's EVR show Body Control, and Brian did a college radio show for a few years, so it was nice to get behind the mic again. We both love to talk, so it was fun to banter between our sets, and to air parts of our record collections that never make it to the clubs, like Blackout's favorite—shoegazer slow jams!As for regular shows, only time will tell, so look out for us...

Brian, what was it like sharing a stage with Girl Talk? Was it difficult to get him out to West Virginia? Explain the circumstances surrounding this for us.

B: Back when I started booking Girl Talk to come down to our parties in Morgantown, WV, I'd seen him in Pittsburgh (which is only an hour from Morgantown) playing at small shows. The first time was in an old video arcade. This was all before he released Night Ripper; he just sort of blew up after that. It was a little hard to believe, just because I'd gotten to see him play such tiny venues before.The biggest difference after his newfound notoriety was just how nuts people got when we booked him! It created this environment of insanity, but because these were mostly a bunch of underage college kids who had to pregame in their dorms beforehand, they got worn out pretty early with the intensity of his show, so my big challenge was to keep them out on the floor instead of heading to bed. Ultimately though, he's a really nice, down to earth guy and it always made booking him and communicating with him simple and straightforward. It also changed the atmosphere of our night—I was spinning there last weekend and kids were jumping up on stage and going nuts!

Any thoughts on the new Arthur Russell documentary?

B: It looks fascinating. Arthur was such an opaque person, it might be interesting to gain some insight into him, but then there's always the worry that it might spoil the mystery a little.

What is your favorite dollar bin dig?

B: I think I found Kenny Bee's "Dance All Night" for a dollar, now that's a jam.

F: Ooh, there are so many ...right now I am feeling 'Happiness is Dub Around the Bend' by Cuba Gooding.


Billy said...

nice! they've got some medusa anthems in thurr

Anonymous said...

Looks like a tasty mix. DL right now!

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rich said...

link not working.. freezes up when i download, and doesn't stream... could you re-up?

Shawn Ryan said...

Rich, I just downloaded it successfully. The streaming probably doesn't work because the mix is a significantly larger file than an individual track. Hope it works out!

rich said...

i guess it was just a zshare issue this morning... was just able to download it no problem. thanks!