Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Darkroom Mix

Here's a nice & slow mix I just finished before the holidays. These tracks are more conducive to spacing out than freaking out, so don't grab a Sparks (R.I.P.) for this listen. Maybe just dim the lights and cuddle up with your robot lover. Also, this was recorded live in one take with all vinyl.

Shawn Ryan - Darkroom Mix | Zshare | 33 minutes of analog bliss

01) Paul McCartney - Darkroom - 1980
02) Barrabas - Sexy Lady - 1976
03) Bill Withers - You Got The Stuff - 1978
04) Will Powers - Adventures In Success (Dub) - 1983
05) Alphaville - Big In Japan (Instrumental) - 1984
06) Nite Jewel - What Did He Say - 2008
07) Eurythmics - Monkey, Monkey - 1982
08) Vangelis - Suffocation (Lovefingers' Astroturf Edit) - 2007
09) Don Renaldo Orchestra - Tabu Part 1 - 1983


Peter Dragontail said...

This is really good. Good work SR.

Dave Tat said...

Nice one.

Vangelis 4eva!

Anonymous said...

Nice Tracks!
Sounds great that you recorded live in one take.

Cropsy said...

i'm feelin it dude

like the flu said...

this is a pretty good mix

Anonymous said...

lovin' the mix..thanx!

dp said...

nice mix! the mix i downloaded was only 19 mins?

DARKLORD said...

oh snap
downloading now

bokut said...

bravo SR, i like very very much