Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Exploration in Space Disco

DJ Dirty, of Philadelphia's 4am Party and the legendary Sundae, recently recorded a live nu-disco mix. Check it out:

DJ Dirty - An Exploration in Space Disco | Direct Download

01) Woolfy vs Projections - Return of The Starlight
02) Lee Douglas - New York Story
03) Hercules & Love Affair - Athene
04) Hercules & Love Affair - Shadows
05) Hercules & Love Affair - Hercules Theme
06) They Came From Stars - Signals (Emperor Machine Dub Remix)
07) Aeroplane - Whispers ft.Kathy Diamond
08) Hercules & Love Affair - Roar
09) Ajello - Moody Bang (Tensnake Remix)
10) Fan Death - Veronica's Veil (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)
11) The Hours - See The Light (Calvin Harris Remix)
12) They Came From Stars - Moon Song (Holy Ghost Remix)


pinkdeer said...

I just got about 100 space disco songs last week. Want to explore them soon? I have moonboots for both of us.

Shawn Ryan said...

I found a 12" of "Moonboots" last time I was in Portland.

Mr.Devlin said...

looking forward to checking this. nice track list

man, Z SHARE such bullshit, adds and waiting... isnt DIVShare faster?

Shawn Ryan said...

the download link is once again alive, thanks to 5151's archives!