Monday, July 27, 2009

Some 80s Soul

So it's my first post on the blog and I gotta thank Apt One, Shawn Ryan, and everyone else on the blog for having me on board. For those who don't know me, my name's Deep Sang, I'm a DJ in DC and have been in the game for just shy of a decade. My favorite shit is classic disco so I'm gonna be posting a lot of that, but also gonna try to mix it up.

I've been listening to a lot of 80s soul tracks the last few days so I thought I'd post up some of them for my first contribution.

First up is a great boogie tune by Dunn and Bruce Street called "Shout for Joy." Dunn Pearson has an impressive catalog through the 70s and 80s including one of my favorite instrumental disco jams, Groove On Down. I may have to post that one another time. There's a 12" of Shout For Joy too, but the lp is a pretty solid listen as a whole.

Dunn and Bruce Street - Shout for Joy | Divshare | YSI | 320 kbps

Next is a really nice cut by Clausel called "Let Me Love You." This is a pretty tough one to track down and my copy is kinda beat, but still sounds decent. Pretty sure my man Fox 50 at would call this one a STRONG SONG. Listen to this one at night.

Clausel - Let Me Love You | Divshare | YSI | 320 kbps

I first heard this next one on Jake One's killer AR mix series. It was a stand out to me and I never knew what it was until I was digging one day and came across the lp with this joint tucked away towards the end of the a side. Love when that happens.

Shadow - Hot City | Divshare | YSI | 320 kbps

The last two are tracks by well known known artists that I think are a little overlooked. Everyone plays Kano's "I'm Ready," but I've only heard one dj in DC drop "Can't Hold Back"... Chris Burns at his excellent monthly Disco City. This track is so dope.

Kano - Can't Hold Back (Your Loving) | Divshare | YSI | 320 kbps

Finally a simple groover by D Train. This is a b side cut on the Walk On By 12". I used to play this one in warm up sets back before serato but I don't think I've played it since. Now that I've ripped it I think it's gonna find it's way back into rotation.

D Train - Tryin to Get Over | Divshare | YSI | 320 kbps


Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

way to come CORRECT!

internet people - don't sleep on Deep Sang - HE'S A BOSS!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff!

Billy said...

my favorite dollabin post in a minute. thanks and welcome to the fam

Dave Tat said...

damn dude, thanks for the mother load!

Shawn Ryan said...

Oh hell yes.

Cropsy said...

great post welcome aboard!

Anonymous said...

Hey nice stuff once again -

was just listening to that shoutforjoy tune just the other day,

nice stuff once again


Deep Sang said...

thanks everyone, glad yall like those tunes. i'll throw up some more stuff this weekend.

pipecock said...

that Kano gets regular plays in the 412 by me.