Thursday, August 6, 2009


First Detroit techno track ever? Need I say more. Somebody post the vocal.

A Number of Names - Sharivari (Instrumental)
Zshare | YSI | 320 kbps

Peep a friggin amazing video of a TV dance session to this joint at


Anonymous said...

Not even remotely close to being the first Techno track, by any definition, but still cool.

Anonymous said...


Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

sorry, i meant to say 'detroit techno'

you know what i mean

Anonymous said...

em yea it's more of a dark italo number.. just because it was big in detroit doesn't mean it's detroit techno! techno didn't come along for another few years

Jacob said...

Well, they are from detroit, not Italy.

I finally found an OG copy, and a week later found the Quality pressing! (but it's warped).

Billy said...

'Italo' has nothing to do with Italy as a style/genre of music.

Unknown said...

The beat sounds very techno-ish, that's good enough for me. Nice track.

Anonymous said...

"Not even remotely close to being the first Techno track, by any definition"

That's weird, '..not even remotely..', when I read this on Discogs:

"The song is interpreted by some enthusiasts as an early example of techno music. In a 2009 interview, Juan Atkins said that the song is not techno. The 313 list's FAQ is more diplomatic, just calling the song "an important step in the evolution of Detroit techno: an early externalization and reinterpretation by the city's African-American youth of electronic European sounds."

PatrickFlynn,LucasLiccini,CarolineBeckert,FranziskaKaul,SebastianHoffmann,NicolasJezierski,PeerIllner,KristinaLang,FelixLennert.... said...

What it is or what style/genre its called is always debatable(with lots of other tracks too).. i ask myself: can you dance to it? can u mix it with any music of similar speed?would it transition well into something harder like techno, or something happier? how does the music FEEL?
i could mix this with techno,house,italo,michael jackson- thats what makes it special to me.