Friday, November 13, 2009

Throwback 2 Classics

Here are two classic Hip-hop joints to brighten up your day "Who's Gonna Take The Weight" Gangstar and "All For One" Brand Nubian. These tracks always bring back happy memories for me and seem to lift any room I'm spinning to a better place, Heaven Maybe lol. I have to comment on the way Dj Premier cuts on the Gangstar track, man he just got flavor. Hope ya dig. Enjoy

Brand Nubian - All For One | YSI | Mediafire| 256 kbps

Gang starr - Who's Gonna Take The Weight | YSI | Mediafire | 256 kbps


roc said...

Absolute classics. Thanks have not heard these in a while.

Links need to be reversed by the way.

Cropsy said...

Thanks roc and i just reversed the links. Glad you like the tracks

D said...

nice post. fantastic classics!