Tuesday, May 25, 2010

L.A. News

Dollar Bin Jams friend and co-conspirator Ed Blammo just sent this over...

This Saturday, May 29 I'm extremely psyched to be putting on a show with L.A. News from (you guessed it) Los Angeles.

LA News is a DJ/Producing duo formed in Los Angeles in 2008 consisting of long time friends Mike Venneri and Dustin Torres. Originally formed as a means to bring their favorite up and coming Los Angeles dance music to the masses, LA News has gone on to play out live and produce original songs and remixes. Their debut mix entitled "Rolls Royce'n" was a big hit in the local LA scene and their follow up mix albums "10 & 12 O'clock" have gone on to receive critical acclaim by some big names, enabling them to play sets with Binary records at some high profile gigs in LA. In 2010 LA News plan to concentrate more on original songs and remixes and continue to rock more crowds with their dynamic live sets.

Here's a little preview of what's to come. Do not sleep.

Debra Harry - Rush Rush (LA News Edit) | Direct Link | 320kbps

L.A. News - 12 O'Clock (DJ Mix)
| Direct Link | 320kbps


Anonymous said...


hey L.A. News, why you STEAL music and don't produce your own stuff?????? your rush rush edit ist stolen from FM ATTACK-SLEEPLESS NIGHTS!
and don't tell me this is a mash-up or somethin'.. you're such a looser!!

PleasureCruise said...

ouch. pretty sure he's right tho...they kinda sound the same.

Anonymous said...

This is either a pretty weak mashup or it's stolen! Maybe someone should tell it FM Attack!! You are such a disgrace.... get a life!!

Shawn Ryan said...

aw snap!

Anonymous said...

It's not stealing you fuckin retards....The song is on the full mix WITH the full FM ATTACK song before it ...it's just a machup type of thing that's part of the mix.