Thursday, May 13, 2010

Up & Up

Here's a new mix of old house 12"s by our friend Drew Heffron (aka Fit For Use). In his words...
Inspired by my love for creepin basslines, 4 bar melodies & of course spending hours in The Thing...
If in fact all of these records are from The Thing, that means Drew spent 13 bucks and like 78 straight hours digging to make this mix. Damn right!

Up & Up mix by heffron

01) 28th st crew - inch by inch
02) jamie principile - date with the rain (dub)
03) cartouche - feel the groove (underground remix)
04) cartouche - running up that hill - (club strumental mix)
05) funktion feat colonel abrams - as quiet as it's kept (dub)
06) pandella - don't stop (dub)
07) jay rodriguez - spirts
08) jomanda - make my body rock (vocal breakdown mix)
09) rhythm masters - hold me back (rhythm mix)
10) Brian Keith - Touch me (instrumental)
11) susan clark - deeper (club mix)
12) jo vonn - it's working (club mix)
13) dark knights - groove on

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