Thursday, August 5, 2010

Deep Sang - Warner Bros. Disco Tribute Mix

This is a tribute mix to one of my favorite disco labels of all time, Warner Bros., that I made for Marcus Dowling's music/culture blog, Most of these are big time classics, but I've tried to throw in a few surprises from WB subsidiaries like RFC, Whitfield, and Curtom as well. It's always a tough thing to make a tribute mix for a label like WB that had so many hits, so I can't call this a "best of," but it's definitely got a lot of my favorites on it. Hope yall like the tunes, and if you're on soundcloud don't forget to leave a comment telling me how awesome/wack you think it is!

Deep Sang - Warner Bros. Tribute Mix for by Deep Sang

1. New Birth...Deeper
2. Chaka Khan...Some Love
3. Ashford and Simpson...Stay Free (Dimitri's Edit)
4. Linda Clifford...Runaway Love
5. Lamont Dozier...Going Back to My Roots
6. Ashford and Simpson...It Seems to Hang On
7. Love Deluxe...Here Comes That Sound
8. Candi Station... When You Wake Up Tomorrow
9. Eumir Deodato...Whistle Bump
10. Mighty Pope...Sweet Blindness
11. Undisputed Truth...You + Me = Love
12. Stargard...Wear It Out
13. Ashford and Simpson...One More Try (Dimitri's Edit)
14. Prince...Just As Long As We're Together
15. Miroslav Vitous...New York City
16. Sly & The Family Stone...Remember Who You Are

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DARKLORD said...

Saw this over at DJ History. Nice one!