Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Friday In The Lanc With Kenny Meez

During the past year or so I have been throwing second Friday parties in Lancaster, Pa my current resting spot and they have been ill as hell. I have featured most of the dollar bin jam djs and a few other top notch doods that have all enjoyed their experience in Lancaster at the Chameleon Club. The party has been so successful that the club asked me to take over every friday and since I needed some travel time off before the 3rd Rail Jam Tour this winter, I have decided to take the gig. Each week for the first month I will be featuring a special guest dj. This Friday Kenny Meez will be joining me on the 1 and 2s doing his amazing Reggae ting! If you are not familiar with Kenny make sure to peep his website where you can hear some of his remixes and exclusive dubplates. Recently I hit Kenny up asking him to make me a reggae edit of the infamous "Teach Me How To Dougie" track that has taken over the Philly airwaves and here for your downloading pleasure are the results. I was gonna keep this secret, but it is to sick. Enjoy!

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