Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cosmo Baker

If you read Dollar Bin Jams and you don't know who Cosmo Baker is, you should probably punch your own self in the nuts, and then take a little time to learn up about the man.

Philly born and bred, Cosmo is a crucial link in a long chain of talented DJs in Philly - he was raised up by the generation before him and helped raise the generation after, even though he moved to Brooklyn. Pretty much every DJ and club-goer in Philly, NYC and worldwide has a huge respect for Cos and I feel very fortunate to be in music game at the same time and place as the dude. He's also always down for a 4AM pretzel on Washington Ave, so I can't be mad.

OK enough with the puff-piece. I'm mentioning Cosmo because he just redesigned his always-excellent site, and now there are more reasons than ever to go there and soak up the insane record knowledge that always spills off the page. If you're down with DBJ you should most definitely be over there getting learned!

VISIT - the new cosmobaker.com

And check Cosmo's newest installment of the Love Break series -

Love Break Three - The Heart's Final Chapter by cosmobaker

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