Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Planet Doesn't Mind

Time for another class with Professor Anonymous. Since he's already reviewed arcane house & disco, vintage dancehall & hip-hop history with us, he's keeping the curriculum moving. Today's lesson is on forgotten new wave gems...

Welcome to check out my latest mix. I recorded this one Sunday afternoon a few months back but just recently had time to get some cover art commissioned and whatnot. The mix is 1 hour and 45 minutes in total and the selection has a new wavey vibe to it: some of the tracks are obscure enough to be called minimal wave now, some are true classics of the early video era. Me I just like to think of them all as cool 80's jams that you can't not like. Enjoy!

DJ Anonymous: The Planet Doesn't Mind Mix by DJ Anonymous

Ian Darby: Taking The Waterfront By Force
Logic System: Unit
Pete Shelley: Witness The Change
Soma Holiday: Shake Your Molecules
Gift Of Dreams: Mandroid
Jazaq: All Systems Go
Naked Eyes: Promises, Promises
Kazino: Binary
Telex: Raised By Snakes (Razormaid Remix)
Eurythmics: Love Is A Stranger (Hot Tracks Remix)
Leisure Process: Love Cascade (Dance Mix)
Time Bandits: I’m Only Shooting Love (Steve Thompson Remix)
Thompson Twins: In The Name Of Love
Vicious Pink: Cccan’t You See (Xxxtended Re-mixxx)
Shock: Angel Face
Endgames: First-Last-For Everything (Disconet Remix)
Material: Bustin Out
Severed Heads: Dead Eyes Opened
New Musik: The Planet Doesn’t Mind
Shark Vegas: You Hurt Me For The Last Time

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