Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Year of the Edit - DJ Apt One - Little Bitty Pretty One

Each week in 2011, the "Year of the Edit," Dollar Bin Jams and Young Robots Records will be debuting one exclusive edit for your enjoyment!

There will be no "Year of the Edit" entry next week - I'll be too busy on my honeymoon and as much as I love our readership, she outranks all y'all put together.

But don't despair, because I'm dropping a much-requested edit on you, an edit that is one of the very few requests I have made to the esteemed DJs at my own wedding. When you have pros on the job, they don't need much guidance.

This is a tune by the late, great Frankie Lymon. His second best known tune after "Why Do Fools Fall In Love." Originally a Bobby Day tune, there's a good Thurston Harris as well, Frankie wrecks shop on this. Basically, no matter where you drop this tune (or Dion's "Runaround Sue" for that matter), people from age 0-100 are going to drop what they are doing and dance. It's just that fun.

I took the OG and gave it a big, long intro with vocal dropouts and nice big drums - a big, high energy build. There's a solid break in the middle too.

Enjoy, and I'll see y'all in a few weeks!

Little Bitty Pretty One (DJ Apt One Edit) by DJ Apt One

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