Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cave Jams

I do a monthly party called Universal Cave with my friends Anthony Vogdes, Brian Cassidy & Tony Modia. The motto is "forward, deep, and free" & it's reflected in the music. It's a great chance for me to bring out my post-punk & cosmic records, and I'm always trainspotting dub techno and random rock cuts from the guys. A couple months ago, we each contributed selections for our first mix. We spent some time sequencing the selections and I meticulously mixed them together. Here's the final result - forward, deep, and free in all of it's glory. Stream it or download it from Soundcloud below and, as always, comments are appreciated!

Universal Cave - Cave Jams: Selections From The Universal Cave
ge.ttZippyshare • 71 minutes

01. Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer – Earth (Still Our Only Home)
02. Atlanta Rhythm Section – So Into You
03. Paris - New Orleans
04. Spooky Tooth – Higher Circles
05. Flash & The Pan – California
06. Jo Jo Zep – Losing Game (Instrumental Version)
07. Jah Wobble – Blow Out (Instrumental)
08. Michael Franks – I Don't Know Why I'm So Happy I'm Sad
09. Deee-Lite – Build The Bridge
10. Tony G - Tous La Part Le Meme Sort (Tony G Original Mix)
11. Pittsburgh Track Authority – Untitled
12. CVO – Mighty Real Groove
13. DOP – The Lighthouse
14. Stereociti – Tsukayga
15. Dadawah – Know How You Stand
16. Peter Green - A Fool No More


PYITE said...

real great selection here. the ecclectism and quality is undeniable.
do you have anymore of those mixtapes going around?
keep it up!!

pablo discobar said...

dope !!!!