Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Matthew Africa recently shared a tasteful extension of this Ohio Players classic. In his own words:
Recently I realized that when I DJ I don't play the Ohio Players' "Ecstasy" nearly enough. Although it's one of the most joyous records I know, it's not really a prime time sort of record and yet at 2:27 it's also too damn short for early or late in the night.

So I edited it.

I added no extra drums, no quantizing and not even a mixable intro. As a DJ, all of those things can be nice conveniences, but in my view there are some classics you can only fuck up and "Ecstasy" is one of them. Instead, I just made it a little longer and tried to do so in the least obtrusive way possible.
Pick up some knowledge jewels from his blog, I Wish You Would, and check out his radio show, 2 Busy Saying Yeah.

Ohio Players - Ecstasy (Matthew Africa Extended Edit)
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