Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Face Love Anew

Today, San Francisco's Honey Soundsystem & Berlin's CockTail d'Amore released stereogamus' riiiiiidiculously good debut single, Face Love Anew, and on limited vinyl to boot! Stereogamus' production game is tight & the remixes are both excellent, but Shaun J. Wright's vocals really push it over the edge. You might recognize Shaun as a vocalist for Hercules And Love Affair. Like on the Hercules tracks, he delivers a huge, soulful performance. I rarely say this, but don't sleep - this is going to be huge!

Order the 12" from Dark Entries Records or grab the digital release (with additional remixes from Kim Ann Foxman, Horse Meat Disco, Miracles Club & The Carry Nation) on December 11 from any of the usual outlets.

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