Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Alliance Upholstery

Talk about doing it right! Alliance Upholstery's debut 12" features balearic journeymen Greeen Linez, with all-star remixes from Sorcerer, Jacques Renault & Moon B. Impressive line-up, right? Hibiscus Pacific originally debuted on Greeen Linez's 2012 album Things That Fade, but this is it's first appearance on vinyl. Alliance Upholstery's going to be furnishing plenty of DJ's crates with these jams!

Go on a quick nostalgic journey through 1980s Japan & beyond with the video above, and stream excerpts of each of the mixes below. The 12" drops later this month, so go ahead and preorder it from Juno! Also, follow Alliance Upholstery on Soundcloud & Facebook.

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