Thursday, November 22, 2007

Astronomical Canibus

Editor's note: I'm writing this from my Thanksgiving hide-out and I do not have the record on hand. It's not on Discogs, so I don't have all the info on the record.)

Mel-low raps his ass off and looks kind of like T.I. Don't disregard that. But the most interesting thing about this track is that the Astronomical Canibus remix of "Return of the Player" is produced by Reggie Noble, aka Redman. The whole Def Squad sound tended very westerly, with Erick Sermon cranking out P-Funk beats like EPMD's "Gold Digger" (aka my favorite song from 1991). So the trunk shit here makes sense. It helps that Mel-low was on Def Jam West and Red was on Def Jam proper. Still, in the midst of beef, ALL IS NOT LOST. It's also as a good away as any to remind the world that Redman was and still is secretly a really dope producer.

Mel-low - Return of the Player (Astronomical Canibus mix)

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