Saturday, November 10, 2007


Luther is a name synonymous with Revolution. Martin Luther did something really important in Christianity that involved nailing something to a door. What it was, I really have no idea on account of being a yid, but it probably meant a lot of vicious persecution for somebody. Luther Campbell revolutionized the way an entire nation lapdanced. He also made the filthiest Christmas album of all time. Martin Luther King was basically the Osiris of Revolution. But there's one Luther whose name often gets lost when such luminaries as Uncle Luke and Martin Luther are discussed in the hallowed halls of higher learning institutions.


1981 is often referred to (by me) as the Second Sexual Revolution. That year saw the release of Luther Vandross' first LP, Never Too Much which moistened the panties of an entire nation. People think of Luther as a kind of loverman in the mold of Barry White or Isaac Hayes or Teddy Pendergrass. But what people forget is that all the famous loverman singers of years past wrote some really, really amazing up-tempo R&B tracks. I should mention that the Dutch release of the album is described as being in the genre "jazzdance."

Never Too Much is one of my all-time favorites. It's an album which fits into a genre I like to call "Daaaamn"- as in, I put it on and I say "Daaaamn." See for yourself. These are, in my opinion, the two best cuts on the album:

Luther Vandross - Never Too Much (320 kbps)

Luther Vandross - Sugar and Spice (320 kbps)

I shouldn't have to mention this, but now that you have these, you should probably call your jawn up.

Also, if you're in Philly tonight and you've already hit up Mike Tee and Billy's Hip Replacement and you've seen Hurrah at World Cafe Live, I wholeheartedly suggest you join Skinny and Me for the 2nd anniversary throwdown of our Philadelphyinz party. Luther will be there.


Billy said...

Wish I could celebrate with the 'yinz tonight. We will blow out some candles for you at the Khyber tonight. Do it large.

Prof. Rockwell said...

Y-E-S! I 'acquired' an original 12" of this from the old shop.