Friday, November 2, 2007

Mike Tee's Weekend Jam!

So I've decided that every Friday I'll post one of my personal favorite weekend jams. Those sonic delights that are guaranteed to get me (and perhaps you) going at the end of the week.

My first choice for this weekly feature is my all time favorite Philly Disco jawn, "Everybody Here Must Party" by Direct Current. I just discovered that this single has been reissued which seems odd to me considering you can find oodles of the original all over the East Coast. Not a rarity by any means but certainly a track that dudes seem to sleep on. This record has never failed me. From the intro hand claps, the song immediately draws people to the floor. I just love how raw the track feels. Even with the use of strings, it's still a very spacious song with extended stretches of just drums and vocals. Anyway, check it out... or better yet, download the mp3 and test it out at your party this weekend. I won't say I told you so.

Direct Current - Everybody Here Must Party

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