Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Thought It Was You

This was one of two B-Sides on the original 12" for "Rockit". A serious jam which should have been an A-side.

Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You | ZShare | YSI | 256 kbps


Anonymous said...

This became "I Thought It Was You" with Kimiko Kasai, a Japanese jazz singer. Vocal (and nb. inferior) version here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyiGi-6ZXdQ

Anonymous said...

Ah, a real gem. Herbie was already well established in jazz circles (check the album "Headhunters" - a jazz fusion classic from the early 70s) when he released this first-rate slab of Jazz funk in 1978. Along with Tell Everybody and You Bet Your Love, this tune saw Herbie break into the mainstream of commercial success. Rockitt came much later, bringing electro dance to a much wider audience and giving him much street cred in the process. He has since gone back to his jazz roots, but if you do get the chance, for heaven's sake see the guy play live. It's a musical experience to die for.