Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brand New Funk

I went to the first ever Philly DJ Day yesterday and hearing this song over the system, I forgot how fucking amazing it is.

The event itself was incredible- old heads, new heads and everybody in between- a lot of the establishment of DJs in this DJ town.

More flicks and videos from Philly DJ Day at

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Brand New Funk
Zshare | YSI

Previously on DBJ: Cash Money and Marvelous - All the Ugly People Be Quiet


Ed Christof said...

i'm sorry, but this event looks like the weakest shit ever. how are you guys all going to get together (at what looks like a country club) to talk about DJing while one by one nearly all the record stores in Philly are going out of business and nightlife in this city (and country) is more boring than its been in years? Did anything productive come out of this get together or was it just an internet photo op for bloggers, wannabes, and out of touch superstars?

...good song though

Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

A) It was Forrest Mansion in Fairmount Park.
B) What the fuck are you talking about? Like 90% of Armands staff was there. They weren't exactly crying in their cereal.
C) We were celebrating DJ culture in Philadelphia
D) Yes, it was all an internet photo op for bloggers such as ?uestlove, wannabes such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, inventor of the transformer scratch and out of touch superstars such as Brendan Bring'em, the hardest working man in showbusiness.

It wasn't the most comprehensive event ever, a lot of electro and techno DJs were overlooked, but.... wait, why the fuck am I responding to you again?

Ed Christof said...

just my opinion man. i just think there's better ways to celebrate djing than taking pictures of each other to put on the internet. and yeah, everyone knows Jeff and Cash Money invented a bunch of cool shit. i respect that, but so many of the old heads just aren't doing anything exciting anymore. nostalgia only gets you so far, you know?

i'm not sure why you responded to me actually. just to try and shut me down i guess, but that mentality is what makes this dj culture you're talking about so lame. any time anybody says something negative, somebody else gets on the defense. it wasn't personal. i was just saying what i thought about the dj day thing. if you think i'm an idiot, that's fine, but at least i gave my opinion straight out, unlike most folks who will talk shit behind someone's back and smile to their face cause it might get them a gig or two.

mutron3k said...

repost the track please?