Friday, September 26, 2008

New Wurst Edits!

NYC's Wurst Edits just released another fine pair of tracks. This time around, Fun's Eamon Harkin touched up The Mixmasters' "In The Mix" and John Carpenter's "The End." Right now, I'm really feeling the intense drum workouts and sweet pianos on "Innit," the Mixmasters edit.

Order the 12" at Turntable Lab and they will even throw in a free Wurst Summer t-shirt.

Also, Philadelphia will be getting it's Wurst fix over the next couple months, with the return of Marcos Cabral and the premier of My Cousin Roy. More details to come.

Eamon Harkin - Innit | Zshare | YSI | 128 kbps


Dave Tat said...

Deezam, this is awesome! Thanks for this, Roy! Looking forward to November Hurrah!

Ed Christof said...

the wurst edits are such a dope series. roy dank at hurrah? aw shit.

trees said...

this is the most played song on my itunes since you posted it-- reminds me a bit of chez d. at moments...

wish i'd known you cats when i lived in philly! great stuff always up here. be well, keep on.