Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Baba Boogie

I grabbed a promo of this tune a while ago for $2 or $3. The Gap Band successfully executes the Sangria Beat vibe I dig so much. Pool party music for grown folks going to the bathroom 5-at-a-time. Unfortunately, all I have handy on my hard drive is the 4+ minute version. The 12" mix is about 3 minutes longer (though it doesn't change too much from what you are hearing here), so get inspired to hit some dusty bins for those few additional minutes. You'll be grateful you did when some crazy sleazy Euro-chick starts rubbing against you in the booth.

Speaking of Sangria Beats - myself, Mike Tee and Philly up-and-comer Diamond Girl will be rocking this vibe every first and fourth Friday at the brand new (and absolutely stunning) Apothecary Lounge in downtown Philadelphia. We kick things off this week on the 24th. See you there.

The Gap Band - Baby Baba Boogie | ZShare | YSI | 320 kbps

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