Thursday, October 23, 2008

Forever More

It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite Francois K. mix, but I have to say that his rework of Moloko's "Forever More" is easily towards the top of my own list. The source material helps; Roisin Murphy's untouchable vocals are placed front and center in a lush and breezy backdrop by Mr. K and some additional keyboard flares from another studio veteran; Eric Kupper. In a word, this is flawless pop music for the dancefloor.

I've posted the 7 minute version of the track, but the 12"es that host this tune (there are a few) have a 10 minute version that extends the intro and some of the breaks halfway through. Vinyl hounds be forewarned: it took me months to track this record down. I can't say why for sure, but I finally nabbed it from a dealer on Right place, right time I guess.

Moloko - Forever More (FKEK Vocal Mix) | ZShare | YSI | 192 kbps


Dave Tat said...

This is pretty great. I always liked Roisin as a vocalist, she's so soulful without being cheesy or overpowering everything else going on in a track. I never heard this before though, thanks for posting it!

dalston shopper said...

There's a cd comp that has the long version - 10 Days Off Soundtrack. It's excellent!

Anonymous said...

The 10 min version is just pure joy! Quite a few Moloko traks have amazing remixes as well as solo Roisin Murphy songs.

jerome green said...

Hi Billy,

Always beautiful waves of feeling with FK. Didn't know about this. Thank you for posting.

Peace, Jerome

Anonymous said...

Love this Mix, thank You for the post!