Monday, October 27, 2008

DARKLORD Presenta - Il Suono Scuro

The first of what I hope to be a series of soundtrack mixes. Being October and all, I opted to leave out a stack of my funkier records and instead concentrate on the dark and dissonant sounds of the silver screen. A few classics (Flashing, Baseball Furies Chase), a few weird unknowns (Alien Earth, One Foot In Heaven) an original and an edit help to keep things a bit more interesting than the typical Halloween-time jock jams mix. At least, I think so...

The mix is also available in a physical format, CD to be specific, with really handsome artwork designed by Megan Mitchell. If anyone is interested, please send me a message (either here or on myspace) with your address and I will mail you a copy for FREE!

Big ups to Shawn Ryan for helping me turn a pile of moldy records into a veritable, balanced mix.


DARKLORD Presenta - Il Suono Scuro | Direct Link | 192 kbps

Michel Rubini & Denny Jaeger - Beach House (The Hunger, 1983)
Simonetti, Morante & Pignatelli - Flashing (Tenebrae, 1982)
Tangerine Dream - Between Realities (Firestarter, 1984)
Barry De Vorzon - Baseball Furies Chase (The Warriors, 1979)
John Carpenter - The Bank Robbery (Escape From New York, 1981)
Synergy - Alien Earth (The Jupiter Menace, 1982)
Gary Scott - The Chase (Final Exam, 1981)
Giorgio Moroder - Valley of the Dolls (Foxes, 1980)
DARKLORD - Legends (2006)
Goblin - Buio Omega (Buio Omega, 1979)
Pino Donaggio - Mannequins (Tourist Trap, 1979)
SSQ - Trash's Theme (Return of the Living Dead, 1985)
John Carpenter - Street Thunder (Assault on Precinct 13, 1976)
John Harrison - The Dead Suite (DARKLORD edit, 2008)
Jack Nitzsche - Jenny Shot (Starman, 1984)
The Edge - One Foot In Heaven (Captive, 1987)


Dave Tat said...

Wow, this is truly outstanding, it came together so well! This is going to be on repeat for me well through Halloween!

Be sure to check out Darklord on Nighttime World radio next Monday night at 10 p.m. EST for more blood-curdling soundscapes!

Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

so fucking serious.

this is really great

Anonymous said...

this is really really cool. perfect for halloween, but definitely great all year round. props!

james stacher said...

fantastic job. thanks!

skinny said...

so incredible

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