Monday, December 8, 2008

Took My Love - Stainless Steele Edit

There are four different versions of this song on the vinyl 12". I chose to edit the MK What Up Dub version for this post. All of them are pretty dope and could be spun out but I think this is the most hype and sounds to me like a joint for the night's peak. I'll try to post the other cuts from the 12" and maybe even do another edit. Word Bond. Oh...btw this is from 1993 on Columbia Records.

Bizarre Inc (Stainless Steele Edit) - Took My Love
(MK What Up Dub)
| ZShare | YSI | 320 kbps


Shawn Ryan said...

Stainless on the house tip? Hell yes! I had no idea Bizarre Inc was this good. Now its time for you to make some hip house tracks...

PS - party with me in the city!

Stainless Insaness said...

Haha yeah homey, on the low this stuff is lovelay. Dood I was in Philly on Saturday but didn't stay late 'cause the snow. I'll come through to one of your nights ASAP. I got some disco shit coming next.

Shawn Ryan said...


Cropsy said...

i like this.