Monday, January 19, 2009


Yet another sick Bobby Orlando production:

Roni Griffith - Spys | Zshare | YSI | 320 kbps

Be on the lookout "O" fans - Lexie is going to let me rip an awesome Bobby O track that is impossible to find at 320. Yessssss!


Jacob said...

Miss Tammi D?????

Shawn Ryan said...

Who's that?

Marc Latilla said...


According to wiki, Bobby O has released stuff under all these names:

Tony Caso,Teen Rock, The Beat Box Boys, Hotline, Banana Republic, Oh Romeo, The New York Models, Hippies With Haircuts, SpoogeBoy, Girly, Barbie & the Kens, Wow, 1 plus 1, The He Man Band, The Boyd Brothers, Nancy Dean, Ian Darby with Ya Ya, Cha Cha featuring Don Diego, Yukihoro Takanawa, This is House, Joy Toy, Dressed To Kill, Band Of South, Dynasty featuring Dexter D, Darlene Down, The Fem-Spies, Gangsters of House, Girls Have Fun, Zwei Maenner, Something Anything, Gomez Presley, Gringo Lopez, Patty Phillipe, Malibu, Lilly & the Pink, Miss Tammi Dee, New Breed, Mc Fritz and the P-Rockers (probably the rarest of all tracks released), Charlene Davis, Claus V, Ronnie Goes to Liverpool, The Bang Gang, Bubba and The Jack Attack, Fascination, Free Enterprise, Sandra Ford, Future Generation, Citrus, The College Boys, Condo, The Bigalows, Free Expression, Lola, Lifestyle, I Spies, Johny Bankcheck, Latin 1, Kinski Music, Gina Desire, and Beachfront, and others

Jacob said...

pinkdeer said...

This is my jam! I got this locked up on my O Records comp. Thanks Shawny Ry!;-)