Monday, February 23, 2009

ESL Promo Mix

Here is a mix I put together for the 18th Street Lounge in D.C. The groovy track selection escorts you though a variety of genres - funk, jazz, afro-beat, boogaloo, old school dancehall and spacey abstract soundscapes are what you can expect to hear. Think antique couches and pricey rum & cokes, then hit play. Enjoy!

DJ Image - ESL Promo Mix | Sharebee

01 "Mean Joe Green (Second Sky Mix)" See-I
02 "If You Are One Of Those For Love" DJ Image
03 "Kofijahm" Mandrill
04 "Harlem Preacher" The Blue Guerrilla Kain
05 "Watermelon Man" Fred Wesley & The JB's
06 "Monkey Banana" Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Afrika "70
07 "Two Is One (Percussion Excerpt)" Charles Rouse
08 "Summertime" Walter Bishop Jr's
09 "Departures" Karminsky Experience Inc.
10 "Misty Canyon" Libek, Sven And His Orchestra
11  "Stoned Groove" Cane and Able
12 "Kitty Bey" Byron Morris and Unity
13 "Gibraltar (Percussion Excerpt)" Freddie Hubbard & Stanley Turrentine
14 "Deixa Pra La" Bronx River Pkwy
15 "Open Up Your Mind" Ross Carnegie & Co.
16 "Malika" Rufus Harley
17 "Donst Falla Romour" Lone Ranger
18 "Climax One" "Z"
19 "Sanjina" Orchestre Regional de Kayes
20 "Zanzi" Thomas Dissevelt


Shawn Ryan said...

So refreshing - it's kind of a shame how little I listen to music like this. I'm glad you finally broke out the deep grooves man. Now back to digging for tracks with obnoxious kicks!

Billy said...

Great tracklist. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Simply great tracks !
If you think about antique couches, pricey rum & cokes, it really gives you the ultimate feel.

Anonymous said...

"Before he leaves people ask 'what's your name', he say's, ' name is your name, I ain't got no name' Harlem 1945"

Nice mix

Cropsy said...

nice dumas i am glad you like that. i say that poem everyday sooo hype you like that track!!!! Yeaaa that dude was in "cane and abel" and "the last poets" amazing artist!