Thursday, February 5, 2009

Robotique Mixtape 2.0 : Winter Blues, Summer Muse

One of my New Year's resolutions was to release at least 6 mixes before 2010. It dawned on me that Sangria Beats is nearly a year old. That is twelve whole months with a lot of gigs and a ton of record purchases, yet devoid of any recordings.

That said, it's been a personally tumultuous year for me; the rug was yanked out from under my feet towards the end of 2008 and I was left sitting on the floor wondering what had happened. With a bit of reflection, I picked myself up, dusted off my pride and decided I needed to dive headfirst into DJing; not only playing out, but also putting more hours into the bedroom (insert snide dirty joke here).

Here is the product of several weeks of mixing, getting frustrated, deciding drum sounds did and didn't match, searching for records in the same key and most importantly trying to find a balance between records that get a huge response on the Robotique dancefloor and my own state of mind. Let's face it: successfully selecting records that reflect your own personality while entertaining others is the crux of this art; it's the final piece of the puzzle. The lesson that can be learned, but cannot be taught. Hopefully I was even a tiny bit as successful as I aspired to be!

This was recorded directly to CD on a bitterly cold night in one take using all vinyl records.


Raw Silk - Do It To The Music (Masters At Work Remix)
Chuck Love - Dream Deep
In Flagranti - In The Silver White Box
Wild Rumpus - Rock The Joint (Reverso 68 Remix)
Pete Shelley - Witness The Change
Downtown Party Network - Into Your Face
Grand High Priest - Mixdown
Johnny Hammond - Fantasy (Faze Action Special Disco Edit)
DD Sound - Burning Love (Edit)
Putsch 79 - Untitled
The Popular People's Front - Get Down Shep
Bakazou - Snake Hip Shuffle (Swag's Hot Shoe Shuffle Dub)
Metro Area - Erodyne
It's a Fine Line - Woman (A Makhnovshchina Repossession)

Billy W. - Robotique Mixtape 2.0 | ZShare

Philadelphia area people are encouraged to join myself and Ryan T. aka Darklord this Friday night at the Robotique monthly. We have moved to a new venue with better sound, a friendly vibe and clean, functional bathrooms. The party starts at 10, it's free and now takes place at Kung Fu Necktie (1250 Front Street).

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Cropsy said...

i'm feelin the mix billy!

Anonymous said...

Blends are tight. Love that it's all vinyl too. Good mix!

Shawn Ryan said...

Just finished listening - you fucking killed it Billy. Your mixing is on point. Same with the selection, most of which was new to me. I like that track that samples "Donnie." Also, I see why you were excited to find "Witness the Change."

Billy said...

Thank you Shawn. The Popular People's Front 12" that includes "Get Down Shep" (the tune that samples "Donnie") is worth tracking down. Every tune uses really intelligent sampling and are in various styles to maximize playability. Good stuff.